Lloyd’s Register Energy’s Blow-Out Preventer (BOP) risk model has been awarded the prestigious Special Meritorious Engineering Award (MEA) in the drilling category for outstanding new technology. The award will be presented to Lloyd’s Register Energy at booth #2173 during the …» more

Insurers are looking to provide insurance credits to those who qualify Globally, regulators and insurance underwriters are starting to recognize that the interdependencies between people, systems and equipment call for a systemic approach to operational integrity. A People, Systems and …» more

In an industry faced with continuous operational and reliability challenges, evaluating and managing the design basis of relief devices has been a key threat to the integrity of a facility. A current design basis, which documents how the loads and …» more

Lloyd’s Register Energy believes so. Since 2006, we’ve been working with operators to understand the needs, work processes and how to go about implementing a risk-based solution. Continuing industry concerns about process safety management have prompted development of the concept …» more

Typically, it takes time to ramp up the necessary skill sets for a good RBI program. This is largely due to the various disciplines involved such as corrosion engineer, maintenance engineer, inspection, etc. In order to shorten the ramp up …» more

API RBI methodology has been instrumental in driving asset performance management improvements by focusing inspection costs to the most critical assets. However, on a day to day level, changes that occur in process conditions (such as excursions and upsets) are not …» more

More likely than not,  there are thoughts in the industry that moving to a RBI (Risk Based Inspection) approach from a time-based approach is a targeted effort to reduce inspection head count. Looking deeper into the subject though, this is …» more

Be clear when to pull a BOP stack A BOP is a complicated operations and safety device involving many people. When a BOP component fails, there are a number of factors and stakeholders involved in making tough decisions. It is …» more

LR Energy has launched its first mobile app for smartphones and tablets, aimed at engineers designing pressure equipment for use in the European Union. The app tackles the sometimes confusing world of CE marking pressure equipment according to the EC …» more

Get answers to your questions about SEMS and offshore contractors and service providers at our complimentary lunch event on Thursday, September 19th in Lafayette, Louisiana. With scrutiny of operations in the Gulf of Mexico on the rise, it’s important for …» more